Friday, April 10, 2020

About the Founder

Patrick L. Jackman

Patrick L. Jackman is the embodiment of this sentiment and it shows. With over 20 years of experience working with national companies, top executives, faith-based organizations and its leadership, Patrick is passionate in his approach to leadership development, sales performance,  and training. He has trained, coached and developed various leaders, sales management teams and sales professionals, and ministry teams to instill high-performance results. He founded the Jackman Group LLC as a culmination of his passion, work and commitment to helping others succeed.

Known for his passion, enthusiasm, positive outlook and strong faith, Patrick is a leader, coach, mentor, experienced trainer and facilitator. He is passionate about assisting individuals to achieve their full potential, which ultimately means success for the organization. Patrick's approach to facilitation and training is simple: identify the needs and expectations of the audience; educate and facilitate in relation to those needs; and upon conclusion, verify to make sure the needs have been addressed successfully and the expectations were either met or exceeded. As a trainer, he follows the credo outlined by Dr. Wilbur Dungy, “A good teacher is one who helps everybody earn an A.”

As a trusted business partner, Patrick and the Jackman Group LLC provide best-in-class education, training and development in order to maximize client effectiveness and the reaching of full potential. Patrick believes it's not about him but the success of his clients and that’s what drives him every day. His workshops are both engaging and interactive, while also geared to inspire enthusiasm from each participant. He draws from his knowledge and experience by providing real-life situations that give context and allow for a broader understanding. Patrick continues to receive feedback and praise about his style and his ability to connect with clients and participants alike.