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Imagine how much stronger your relationships would be if you really understood what made people tick — both when things were going well and when there was conflict and opposition. The SDI® provides a window into what drives you and what drives others — an understanding that empowers you to communicate in a way that achieves the results you desire.


SDI stands for Strength Deployment Inventory,® the name of the flagship self-assessment. It is a suite of psychometric tests and a practical methodology for empowering people to improve relationships and manage conflict more effectively. SDI is rooted in the theory of Relationship Awareness®, a self-learning model for effectively and accurately understanding and inferring the motive behind the behavior..


SDI is memorable... It’s a highly visual, easy to understand tool that uses experiential teaching methods to help participants internalize the learning.

SDI illuminates the reason for our actions... It provides a picture of what is important to us — going beyond behavior to reveal our driving motivation.

SDI depersonalizes conflict... It’s a non-threatening way to deal with the interpersonal conflict that is too often avoided.

SDI honors our differences... It’s an inventory of the unique way we value different strengths and interpret the actions of others.

SDI is intended for application... It promotes interpersonal insights that are crucial to improving any situation where people interact. The SDI seamlessly integrates relationship and conflict management skills into nearly any training and development program

With Personal Strengths flagship self-assessment and the professional, experienced, certified facilitators of the Jackman Group, we strongly believe our valued clients will benefit by improving team effectiveness and reducing costs of conflict for years to come.

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