About Us

The Jackman Group LLC is a consulting firm that specializes in training and development for corporate, small business, education, faith-based, government and not-for-profit markets.

We understand the importance of training and developing leaders and teams and thus excel at serving as strategic partners in this area.

Leadership Development

We believe that Leadership development should continue throughout every phase of a career. Our training equips participants a necessary set of skills and techniques that will their effectiveness


Some view coaching as a tool to correct an underperformer or as a form of step-by-step instruction. In reality, and for us it is a complex network of interaction and relationships that fosters growth.

Sales Training

Our interactive sessions are customized to your organization. For B to B sales teams, we utilize the dynamic sales training course of Carew International, Dimensions of Professional Selling (DPS).

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Any business or professional interested in enhancing effectiveness will benefit from a strategic partnership with The Jackman Group LLC.