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Experience the strength of collective growth in our Group Coaching sessions. Our Coaching Program is a supportive and enriching experience for leaders of all backgrounds, looking to improve their leadership competency and advance their careers.

Group Coaching

Throughout this program, we work together in a collaborative and dynamic environment, enhancing leadership competency for the whole team.

You can expect the following as a member of this program:

  1. Group discussions: the opportunity to discuss your experiences and challenges with your peers, as well as share best practices and ideas.

  2. Relevant content based on your goals and needs and the facilitator. Common leadership trends and topics may also be covered.

  3. Reflection on your current leadership style and identify areas for growth.

  4. Feedback: the opportunity to receive feedback from me and your peers, which can be a valuable tool for improving your leadership competency


mPACT Leaders Group Coaching is offered via video conferencing or in person.

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In our Leadership Coaching Program, you’ll master the art of steering your professional future.