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Our Team

At The Jackman Group LLC, our strength lies in our exceptional team of dedicated professionals. With a shared commitment to driving excellence and fostering growth, we are united by a passion for serving and empowering individuals, teams, and organizations. With diverse backgrounds and expertise, we bring a rich tapestry of skills to the table.

Our team comprises accomplished leaders, experienced trainers, strategic thinkers, and industry specialists. Every member of The Jackman Group LLC family is driven to help valued clients reach both organizational and individual goals. We work collaboratively, leveraging our collective knowledge and insights to best serve you.

Our Team

patrick jackman

Patrick L. Jackman is the visionary Founder, Managing Principal, lead facilitator and leadership Coach at The Jackman Group LLC has over 27 years of experience across a diverse range of sectors. His dedication to leadership excellence and team dynamics is unparalleled, with a career spanning national corporations, government, educational institutions, and faith-based organizations. Patrick’s authentic, integrity-driven approach and his ability to foster strategic transformations have made him a sought-after coach and mentor.

His work is characterized by a passionate commitment to the growth and success of his clients, partners, and the broader community. Through his expert guidance, Patrick has influenced hundreds of leaders and teams, leaving a lasting legacy of high-performance results and excellence.

Beyond his professional contributions, Patrick serves as the Executive Pastor at New Life Fellowship Church and board member at Goodwill of the Finger Lakes. He cherishes traveling with his wife, reading, and enjoying family. He is a lover of cricket and Premier League football. As a former youth soccer coach, Patrick was awarded the 2014 NYSW Boys Recreational Coach of the Year.

Cris Armstrong

Cris plays a pivotal role at The Jackman Group LLC, as the Senior Consultant and Training Coordinator, leading the firm’s training and development efforts. With over 10years in marketing, performance management, and business management, her deep faith, love for people, and unmatched organizational skills shine through in her work, elevating client experiences and encouraging excellence in all she does.

Beyond work, Cris’s passion for reading, continuous learning, and her recent dive into the love of plants, reflect her dedication to growth, nurturing a life rich in knowledge and nature. Her role at The Jackman Group LLC and her personal interests underlines her commitment to fostering development in all facets of life.

Sabrina Teekah

Sabrina is co-founder and co-owner of OP-X Consulting Services, Inc., where she combines her passion for personal empowerment with her IT acumen to pioneer innovative solutions. Her leadership has successfully guided multimillion-dollar software projects for notable organizations like Florida Hospital and CSX Railroad, showcasing her ability to achieve impactful results.

As a partner at The Jackman Group LLC, she enhances virtual training through advanced technology and serves on the advisory committee, underlining her commitment to education and talent development. Outside her professional life, Sabrina is a dedicated wife and mother, an enthusiast of nature and ancient wisdom, embodying her belief in lifelong learning and the transformative power of personal growth.

Terri-Ann Graham

Terri-Ann, a partner at The Jackman Group LLC, leads our social media strategy and marketing efforts. With over ten years of experience and a solid academic foundation in psychology and marketing from the University of Rochester, plus a background in biology, she excels in elevating entrepreneurs’ social and digital presence across various sectors.

Beyond her professional expertise, Terri-Ann is dedicated to her personal well-being and growth. An avid yoga practitioner, she enjoys wellness literature, the Bible, and maintains a holistic lifestyle that includes regular exercise, a plant-based diet, and exploring ethnic cuisines. A world traveler at heart, Terri-Ann values the time spent with family and friends.

Dave Coleman II

Dave is a Consultant and Facilitator at The Jackman Group LLC. He blends engineering precision with a zeal for personal growth, adeptly untangling complex organizational problems to boost performance and drive transformation. Celebrated for his integrity and collaborative leadership, Dave’s influence and servant leadership principles make him essential in shaping effective leaders. He’s committed to delivering streamlined processes, operational excellence, and successful transformations for clients.

Outside his professional sphere, Dave is an Associate Pastor at New Life Fellowship Church. He cherishes moments with his wife, two adult children, and two grandchildren. A passionate Buffalo Bills fan and golfer, Dave embodies a balance of professional dedication and personal fulfillment.