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Welcome to a transformative journey with The Jackman Group LLC’s impactful Leadership Development. Our collaborative approach sets the stage for unlocking untapped potential, igniting transformative growth, and shaping the future success of organizations and individuals alike.

Investing in leadership development drives organizational performance and creates a pipeline of capable leaders for future success.

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Our leadership development programs equips individuals with the skills, knowledge, mindset, and qualities necessary to take on greater responsibilities, lead teams effectively, navigate challenges and make a meaningful impact in their organizations.

Measures your core motives with the SDI 2.0 Assessment

Embark on a journey of transformation with our leaders group coaching program. Ignite meaningful change, inspire action and redefine what’s possible for you, your team and organization. The path to exceptional leadership starts here.

Our enhanced impactful leadership development and team enhancement solution, we’re proud to integrate the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) by Core Strengths into our offerings.

People, Performance, and Process. These motives influence the way you approach your whole life. For some, being helpful and supporting others is at the forefront of their life and work. Others are more results oriented and they want to get things done better and faster than others. Some are more process oriented and they want to get things done right.

Depending on your scores, the SDI 2.0 plots your motives as a dot and places it into one of seven regions on the SDI Triangle. These color-coded regions show how you prioritize the People, Performance, and Process motives at your core.

Sometimes there’s conflict in a relationship. This is what you feel when your motives and values are being threatened. It’s usually uncomfortable and you often don’t feel at your best. That’s because your motives predictably change in conflict, and we call that a Conflict Sequence.

Conflict and motives are closely related because you are more likely to go into conflict over things that are important to you. But the good news is, the SDI 2.0 shows you how to resolve conflict productively, no matter how bad it gets.

Your assessment results provide you with a Strengths Portrait that tells a story of how you use your strengths when you interact with others. The strengths measured aren’t skills or proficiencies, but the behaviors you choose when trying to reach a goal.
Almost everything you’ve heard about weaknesses is wrong. They’re not flaws or things you don’t do well. In truth, they’re strengths you overdo. To some, it looks like a weakness because it’s possible to have too much of a good thing. Overdone strengths are like good music played too loud. You do something expecting positive results, but you get a negative reaction instead. Your intentions are good, but they don’t always harmonize with others’ expectations.