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About the company

We have over 25+ years of experience

The Jackman Group LLC is a training and development organization specializing in leadership development training and team enhancement. Our clients are from the corporate, small business, government, education and faith-based markets. We understand the importance of training and developing leaders and managers and thus excel at serving as strategic partners in this area. We work with you to assist in your achieving of both organizational and individual goal.

By providing customized training and development programs, as well as other specialized solutions, we help our clients to improve both performance and efficiency. Any business or professional interested in enhancing effectiveness will benefit from a strategic partnership with The Jackman Group LLC.

Our Promise

Customer Focus

100% focus on our clients


Operate at the highest level of integrity in all that we do

Commitment to

Partnership with you, our client and to the facilitation of your success

Techniques that will increase effectiveness in the workplace.

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