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Our Team

At The Jackman Group LLC, our strength lies in our exceptional team of dedicated professionals. With a shared commitment to driving excellence and fostering growth, we are united by a passion for serving and empowering individuals, teams, and organizations. With diverse backgrounds and expertise, we bring a rich tapestry of skills to the table.

Our team comprises accomplished leaders, experienced trainers, strategic thinkers, and industry specialists. Every member of The Jackman Group LLC family is driven to help valued clients reach both organizational and individual goals. We work collaboratively, leveraging our collective knowledge and insights to best serve you.

Our team of experts

Get to know the faces behind The Jackman Group LLC and discover the expertise that fuels our mission to elevate your potential and drive lasting success.

Patrick Jackman - Founder and Managing Principal

Patrick Jackman
Founder and Managing Principal

Patrick is the Founder, Managing Principal & Leadership Coach with The Jackman Group LLC. With over 27 years of experience working with national companies, top executives, managers, government, educational institutions, faith-based organizations and their teams, Patrick is passionate in his approach to leadership development, team enhancement, mentoring and coaching. 

As a leader in the corporate and ministry spaces, he has trained, coached, developed and mentored hundreds of leaders and their teams to instill high-performance results. He has a proven commitment to the ongoing success of every one of his clients, partners and friends alike.  He believes it’s not about him, but the success achieved by those he’s taught, coached, mentored and developed along the way. That’s what drives him every single day. In addition to his corporate and business roles, Partrick is also the Executive Pastor at New Life Fellowship Church, Rochester NY. 

Consulting Team

  • Cris Armstrong

    Training Coordinator and HR Specialist Cris Armstrong is currently tasked as the Training Coordinator and HR Specialist with The Jackman Group LLC. Cris brings with her over 10 years experience specializing in Human Resources, recruitment, marketing, performance management and business management. Cris uses that experience to help those within her sphere of influence propel themselves […]

Our Promise

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Operate at the highest level of integrity in all that we do

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